Our local performing arts community

They add so much to our diverse community, they add life! Not only do they simply give us something to do but they provide a resource for families and friends to enjoy time together, give thought to everyday life, and lay open a platform for personal growth for young and old. Please support them!.

 Click to purchase a card today!

Click to purchase a card today!

Now supporting 10 nonprofit performing arts

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Fremont Symphony Orchestra

Since 1964, the Fremont Symphony Orchestra has brought live, classical music to the San Francisco Bay Area. Shaped by the nuanced artistry of the premier Guest Conductor Series, FSO delights audiences and enriches the quality of life in the communities it serves.

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Music at the Mission

Show your support for the Music at the Mission, celebrating over 10 years of providing quality chamber concert music..

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Stage 1 Theatre

Show your support for Stage 1 Theatre, celebrating over 25 years of providing quality live theatre..

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Starstruck Theatre

Show your support for StarStruck Youth Performing Arts, celebrating over 20 years of providing quality live theatre.

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American High School Music Department

Under the leadership of Richard Wong, the American High School Music Department excels in teaching students the value and appreciation of various type of musical interaction.

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Fremont Christian School Concert Choir

Fremont Christian school excels in the area of the performing arts, with in school art classes, a number of different band styles, handbell choirs, musicals and plays, and choral music. Purchasing a chard helps the Fremont Christian School Choir with their annual travel.

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Fremont Education Foundation After School Band

The After-School Band Program provides both beginning and intermediate instruction on woodwind, brass and percussion instruments for 4th-6th graders at all 27 of Fremont Unified School District's elementary schools.

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Fremont Opera

Though partially on hiatus, the organization is continually working to be bring this incredible art to the Fremont Area.

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Mission San Jose High School Parents of Universal Performers

The Parents of Universal Performers Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating, fostering, and encouraging the Performing Arts at Mission San Jose High School. PUPs was formed 14 years ago as an off-shoot of Mission Boosters. The foundation has grown into a private entity that supports the instrumental music, vocal music, and theater programs of the high school community.

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Tri-City Band Corps

The Tri-City Band Corps includes a vast membership of dedicated students from Mission, Irvington, Kennedy, American, Washington, Logan, Piedmont, and California High Schools. TBC is the largest and only marching band program available outside of the school system focused on community parades, and is the only program run completely by high school students.