Q. How much does the card cost?

A. $25 online, includes postage and handling. When purchased online 80% of each card sold directly benefits local performing arts groups. TAKE ME TO THE STORE!


Q. How and where can I purchase a card?

A. Right here right now! Visit the FAE Store. Other ways to purchase:

  • Through the app: (When Available) You will be able to download the Fine Arts and Eats app (Apple Store or Google Play Store) for current offers and event info. You may purchase a card through the app.

  • From a retailer: Some participating merchants will have cards available at their location.

  • In-Person: Participating arts group will occasionally have cards available at their performances or functions. Typically, arts groups who sell the card directly retain 90% of the price of the card!

  • Mail: To purchase by mail, send your check payable to Fine Arts and Eats to:
    Fine Arts and Eats
    43575 Mission Blvd., #502
    Fremont, CA 94539


Q. What do I get with the card?

A. Your purchase gives you access to discounts at local restaurants, eateries and businesses all year long! Also, purchasing a Fine Arts & Eats Card implies you have chosen to support the local arts and businesses of your city and community.

Offers are at the sole discretion of the participating businesses. There may be blackout dates and other restrictions imposed by the participating business. Please check with the participating business and their website often for current offers, special promotions and card exclusives.

As a general rule the following limits on card use is implied but is subject to each partners’ rules. Other rules may apply:

  • There is no combining/doubling of coupon offers (e. g. - cannot combine the card discount with physical/in-store/online coupons or offers.)

  • There may be a limit to the number of people that can use the discount in each visit:

    • Sit down restaurants may limit party size for card discount (e. g. - limit 8 people or less, etc.)

  • There may be limit on:

    • Card use during certain days and during holiday seasons

    • Private party dining and large groups

    • Take out orders

Please inquire with participating partner for rules, exclusions, exceptions and acceptance.

See the Current Offers(Subject to change.)


Q. How does my purchase benefit the arts?

A. When you purchase a card online, 80% of the purchase price directly supports participating non-profit performing arts groups. The remaining 20% covers operating expenses. Funds are provided to the arts twice a year.


Q. Can I choose which arts program to support?

A. Yes, just select the art you wish to support. If you wish to purchase a card to give to a friend, family member or associate you purchase another to support another group. For special fund sharing requests, please EMAIL before you purchase.


Q. Does the Fine Arts and Eats Card expire?

A. The Fine Arts and Eats Card expires on December 31st of the year designated on the front of the card. Each year, a new card is released allowing participating performing arts groups to raise funds annually.


Q. How often can I use my card?

A. Use the card as many times as you like until either its expiration or the business chooses to no longer participate. Check online listings often as new restaurants will be added on a regular basis.


Q. Does the Fine Arts and Eats Card expire?

A. The Fine Arts and Eats Card expires on December 31st of the year designated on the front of the card. Each year, a new card is released allowing participating performing arts groups to raise funds annually.


Q. Why aren't there large chains on the list?

A. Supported performing arts groups pride themselves on their own innovative, creative, and independent drive. Much the same way, this card connects you with small businesses which are locally owned and operated. The main challenge facing independent arts groups and businesses alike is funding and cost control. Support of both supports your own local community. On occasion, large chain type businesses may be included in the program because either they have shown great support of the local arts or they offer something unique.


Q. How can a restaurant or business participate in the program?

A. Fine Arts and Eats is always looking for locally owned, quality businesses who want to connect better with the community - especially those who support the performing arts! There is no cost to being listed as a partner in the program and all that is required is:

  • Your logo

  • A discount or offer for cardholders. (This is the sole discretion and control of the participating business and can be amended or cancelled at any time)

  • Your authorization to use your logo and business information to market and benefit your business as it pertains to the Fine Arts and Eats program

**NOTE: Inclusion in the Fine Arts and Eats programs is “at-will” for both parties. Failure to accept the offer provided and listed on the website may be grounds for removal. Negative cardholder feedback may also be grounds for removal. Offers supplied Fine Arts and Eats can be amended or removed by the merchant by simply emailing and/or contacting with your removal request.

If you are a business owner and would like to begin the process, do so here:

Q. How does a performing arts program become a recipient?

A. The Fine Arts and Eats card program is focused on the local performing arts community and is open to discussing if it can assist with fundraising for your group. There is great synergy and connection with all the local groups with many performers partaking in productions in multiple groups. Feel free to sent and EMAIL to begin the discussion.