Creating supportive synergy between local arts, businesses and community

Fundraising for the Arts

Since 2010, local performing arts have received thousands of dollars through the sale of the Fine Arts and Eats Card with 80-90% of each card sold directly benefiting them. (80% of online purchase price, 90% of direct sales by participating organizations.)

Support of Local Merchants

Our local restaurants, eateries and businesses support us, we need to support them. Fine Arts and Eats supports many local small businesses with free advertising and they give the Card value.

Our Mission

It's simple... strive for a vibrant community with things to do, places to eat, and a strong sense of belonging.


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Our Story…


In the early 2000's my wife and I with a few great friends took ownership of a wonderful little restaurant... which closed a few short years later. Well, even though that didn't go quite as expected the experience of being a restaurateur gave tremendous insight to that industry and the need for outreach and networking. During that time it was observed that performing arts groups and restaurant owners have one thing in common - getting people through the front door. Thus, the Fine Arts and Eats project was born.

Creating synergy between local restaurants and eateries and the performing arts was a natural progression and the community that supports both are looking for the same thing, a great night on the town.

Please join me in celebrating and supporting our local performing arts!

Stay well,

Gregory S. Green, Owner
Fine Arts and Eats
"Fusing Fine Arts, Fine Eats, and Fun!"

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
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