Fine Arts and Eats

Fine Arts and Eats is locally owned and operated, working to build synergy between local non-profit performance arts groups, local restaurants and merchants and the community at large by providing funding for the arts and advertising locally owned and operated small restaurants and businesses through a valuable product benefiting supporters of both.

Arts patrons are looking for pre- and/or post-show dining opportunities. Restaurants and merchants are in search of new ways to promote their culinary offerings. Pairing the two with this card is a great way for everyone to support our community. Synergy...

Fusing Fine Arts, Fine Eats and Fun!


Great upcoming events, concerts and shows!


Old School Calendar

Have an event you want to promote?

Share it here! I add events as I catch wind of them and when I can, but if you want to make sure your event gets posted feel free to reach out.

Events must be:

  1. Community minded, arts or eats related, and/or family friendly,

  2. NONPOLITICAL: leave the politics out,

  3. Arts, Eats and/or Fun related,

  4. Approved by Fine Arts and Eats!



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